Bankruptcy Attorneys

Navigating the complexities of today's economy is no easy feat. Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, you can go from staying on top of your finances to struggling to keep up. This shift can happen quickly and it can leave you feeling desperate and stressed.

Bankruptcy has a negative reputation. There are a variety of myths associated with its functionality. Truthfully, bankruptcy is a profoundly useful tool for individuals who are looking to get out from under debt and build toward a more financially secure future. Navigating this process is complex so it is important that you retain an experienced attorney who can help you pursue the best outcome possible for your unique situation.

At Bastarrika, Soto, Gonzalez & Somohano, LLP, our lawyers have decades of experience helping individuals navigate the bankruptcy process. We work primarily with those who are seeking Chapter 7 debt relief. This includes:

  • Avoiding repossession
  • Preventing wage garnishments
  • Stopping creditor harassment
  • Debt relief and debt reorganization

Our clients often come to us with a variety of questions and most of them revolve around what they will be allowed to keep if they declare bankruptcy. In many cases we are able to prevent you from losing any of your important belongings. We do this by filing your bankruptcy in a way that supports your best interests both now and in the long term. We are invested in your future and will do whatever we can to guide you down the road of financial recovery.

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