Domestic Violence

Whether you are the victim or the defendant, domestic violence has a variety of very serious implications. The outcome of your case can affect the contact you and your children have with each other and with your former spouse. Your job and where you live can be affected as well. It is important that you retain an experienced lawyer who will advocate for your rights no matter how complex or emotionally devastating your situation may seem.

Domestic violence often serves as a springboard into divorce, child custody and other family law issues. At Bastarrika, Soto, Gonzalez & Somohano, LLP, we are highly equipped to help you navigate both the complexity of your domestic violence issue as well as guide you through the divorce process.

When serving victims of spousal abuse, our primary goal as attorneys is to make sure that you are getting the protection you need. We will escalate the custody and parenting time agreement process to make sure your children are safe and getting the care they need.

When serving the accused, we are focused on your rights and investigating the validity of your spouse's accusations. A conviction has devastating impacts. You could have restricted or no access to your children and your home. The courts will likely invoke an excessive interim support order, which can have a debilitating affect on your finances.

No matter where you stand, it is essential that you retain an experienced, thoughtful attorney who will diligently explore the circumstances of your family violence case and take whatever action necessary to help you obtain the best outcome possible, both for you and your children.

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