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Divorce Mediation And Arbitration

Our court-approved divorce mediation attorneys bring their many years of family law experience to assist clients in divorce mediation proceedings, and we regularly serve as neutral mediators in divorce mediation. This includes all areas in divorce including: where children will live, how parenting schedules should work, how much property is worth and how it should be divided. Our mediators ensure that clients avoid protracted litigation by assisting them in resolving their case in a neutral setting.

How Mediation Works

Our mediation services involve disputes over the division of assets, debts, and spousal support and maintenance. During the divorce process, the court will require divorcing couples to attend mediation as a prerequisite to litigation. This requirement is imposed because mediation is a useful and productive tool which can save the parties time and money in litigating their case.

Courts regularly refer cases to us to assist parties in reaching a fair and meaningful settlement. If you are seeking an alternative to litigation for resolution of matters related to your divorce, please contact us to speak with an experienced divorce mediation lawyer or divorce mediator.

Divorce Arbitration Attorneys

In addition to their participation in divorce mediation, our attorneys represent clients in divorce arbitration cases and serve as divorce arbitrators. Divorce arbitration, like mediation, involves choosing a neutral third party. Unlike mediation, the arbitrator serves as a judge and the parties agree their rulings are final and legally binding. The parties present their case to the arbitrator, and the arbitrator makes judgments and decisions which are legally binding.

This is a much faster process than traditional divorce as you don’t have to wait for a court date. Parties appreciate the arbitration process as it is private and within the confines of an office rather than in open court. Contact us today to learn more about the arbitration process and how we can help you. Call Bastarrika, Soto, Gonzalez & Somohano, L.L.P., in Woodland Park, New Jersey, at 973-370-0997.