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Who qualifies for a green card?

For many people around the world, the United States is a beacon of hope. They often strive to achieve the American Dream -- a life that will hopefully be safer and have a better standard of living. However, the process for being able to legally live -- and work -- in New Jersey or elsewhere in the country through the procurement of a green card can be a difficult one.

State's criminal law changes may affect immigration issues

Any number of issues can negatively affect a New Jersey immigrant's legal status. Visa expiration, lack of proper documentation and criminal convictions are several of the most common issues that prompt complications in an immigrant's ability to remain in the United States. A recent criminal law change in another state has come as good news for many immigrants; immigrant advocates say the change affects the automatic removal proceedings system in place under federal immigration law.

The naturalization process in the United States

People all over the world look at the United States with hope. It is often the place they plan to move to as they work toward a happier, safer life. As a result, they move to places like New Jersey and other areas around the country. Their ultimate goal is to seek naturalization, a process that can seem overwhelming and confusing.

Backlog of immigration applications for prospective citizens

The wait time to hear back on a citizenship application can vary. As of the end of 2017, there were 725,000 people waiting to become U.S. citizens, including over 30,896 in New Jersey. Many people are taking a second look at the current immigration process to understand the reasons behind this backlog.

Financial aid unrestricted by immigration status in New Jersey

Policy regarding what types of public services undocumented immigrants can access vary from state to state. Recently, a change to New Jersey law was passed that allows for undocumented immigrant students to apply for financial aid as students. Under the new policy, students will be able to receive loans, grants and scholarships regardless of immigration status.

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