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Thanks to its increasing popularity ever since the Great Recession, there are several myths associated with bankruptcy. These myths prevent people from filing for bankruptcy when they really need it and encourage people to file for bankruptcy when they may have other options.

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Common Myths About Bankruptcy

We have compiled a list of common myths that people often ask about when considering bankruptcy:

By filing for bankruptcy, you are going to lose everything, including your car and your house.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not remove your obligation to make payments on secured debt (like your house and your car), and if you miss payments while you are under the umbrella of your filing, your home and car could be repossessed. But in all cases, we will make sure that you understand what is expected of as you journey toward a more secure financial future.


You have to be at your absolute lowest financial point to file for bankruptcy.

Actually, all you have to prove is that you owe more money that you have. There are no minimums in bankruptcy. We will, however, explore your financial situation and explain to you if bankruptcy is the best option for you.


If you file for bankruptcy, you do not know how to handle your finances.

In many situations, the need to file for bankruptcy occurs after an unexpected life circumstance like a car accident, a criminal charge, a divorce, unemployment or a medical need.

Bankruptcy dissolves all debt.

There are a few financial responsibilities that evade the bankruptcy process. These include child support, alimony and restitution as it relates to a criminal conviction, student loan debt and some tax debt. There are ways, however, to discharge or reduce these payments outside of bankruptcy court. We can help you navigate those processes.


Bankruptcy destroys your credit.

In actuality, it wipes the slate clean. This is a refresh of your credit score, and you will receive credit card offers in the mail sooner than you think.

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