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Fatal accident at festival under investigation

Families in New Jersey and across the country have a variety of different ways in which they can spend time together. For many, time spent at a festival with amusement park-style rides is a time to make new memories. Unfortunately, a fatal accident has left one family mourning the unexpected death of their loved one instead. 

Reports indicate that the 10-year-old victim was attending a harvest festival in New Jersey. She was reportedly on a ride called "Extreme" during the evening hours of a day in mid-October. The ride, according to reports, was one in which riders are spun in a horizontal circle.

Are you putting off filing for bankruptcy?

Most people hope that they will have the financial security not to worry about how they will pay their rent or mortgage or generally make ends meet each month. Unfortunately, numerous New Jersey residents and people across the country have money problems that leave them feeling as if they will never achieve that sense of security.

You may be among that group, and due to significant debt, you may worry about your financial affairs on a daily basis. You may have considered taking various actions over the years in efforts to get back on track, but so far, nothing has seemed to help in a substantial way. If so, bankruptcy may be able to help.

Who qualifies for a green card?

For many people around the world, the United States is a beacon of hope. They often strive to achieve the American Dream -- a life that will hopefully be safer and have a better standard of living. However, the process for being able to legally live -- and work -- in New Jersey or elsewhere in the country through the procurement of a green card can be a difficult one.

A green card is a Permanent Resident Card, known for its color. It gives the cardholder the status of a permanent resident and allows the person to both work and live in the country. Those who hold a green card can apply for a temporary work permit and another temporary permit that allows the holder to leave and re-enter the country.

New Jersey man accused of fraud in dating site scheme

The internet has changed the way people do a variety of different things -- from conducting business to meeting someone with whom they might enter into a romantic relationship. For example, many people in the United States turn to dating websites. Unfortunately, a man in New Jersey is now accused of fraud after he was accused of posing as a soldier and asking women for money on such sites.

The case involves a 35-year-old man. Prosecutors claim that the man and his conspirators, who allegedly live outside of the country, met women on online dating sites and began romantic relationships. They allegedly created profiles using stolen or fictitious identities, claiming they were military personnel from the United States who were stationed internationally.

New Jersey man charged with murder in co-worker's death

When a person's death is unsolved, the community, understandably, has questions and concerns. As such, police in New Jersey and across the country may be especially motivated to find someone to charge with a crime, regardless of the evidence that may support their allegations. Unfortunately, blaming an innocent person of murder will not result in justice.

In fact, there are many questions that still remain following the death of a 26-year-old woman and the subsequent arrest of her 30-year-old co-worker. Co-workers of the woman say that she never returned to work after she went home for lunch. Their concern led them to contact police to check on her.

The special considerations of a gray divorce

There are many couples in New Jersey who spend decades together, building a reputation in their community, working on a successful business and/or raising a family together. However, as they age, the children move away and they retire, many couples, regardless of how long they have been married, discover that they are no longer compatible. In fact, the incidence of gray divorce -- divorces among couples who are 50 or older -- has increased over the last few decades.

While some reports indicate that the rate of divorce among younger people has decreased, the rate of those 50 and older has doubled over the last three decades. Some couples who seek a divorce when older may be in a second or subsequent marriage, but most are couples who have been in a long-term marriage. For some, the marriage may have been unhappy for years but they chose to remain together for the children or other reasons. Other couples, however, may realize that they are no longer compatible due to a change, such as one person's illness or infidelity.

Has cocaine use negatively affected your loved one?

Many New Jersey residents often find themselves in situations they never expected. For some, it could be ending up addicted to a drug. Some people try a substance just for the experience or believe that they will not develop an uncontrollable habit. In other cases, someone could take or use a substance without knowing it because someone laced another drug or spiked their food or drink.

Unfortunately, you may have a loved one who became addicted to cocaine. This substance is highly addictive, and you and your loved one may never have expected this type of scenario to affect your lives. Now, however, you are watching your loved one struggle with the effects of addiction, including the health-related and legal-related repercussions.

Premarital assets subject to equitable distribution in NJ divorce

There are many people in New Jersey and across the country who are choosing to wait until later in life to get married. As such, some people are coming into a marriage with a house purchased by only one of the people. While a premarital asset is typically exempt from equitable distribution during a divorce, there are some circumstances in which a spouse may have a claim.

In some cases, one spouse may own the marital home. However, in certain situations a home may be considered a quasi-marital or marital asset. For example, if the home was purchased in anticipation of the marriage, the non-owning party may still have an equitable interest.

Arrest made following fatal accident in New Jersey

While there are places in which a person knows he or she is unsafe, most people in New Jersey and across the country feel relatively safe while in the front yard of their residences. However, this may not always be the case. In fact, a teenager recently lost his life in a fatal accident that took place in front of the group home in which he lived. 

The incident happened on a day in July. According to reports, the 18-year-old male victim was on the front lawn with other residents. Unfortunately, the driver of a sports utility vehicle allegedly hopped a curb, striking the young man. The victim was taken to the hospital but ultimately passed away as a result of injuries suffered in the collision.

Family questions cause of fatal New Jersey car accident

Those who have recently experienced the death of family members -- understandably -- want answers, especially if that loss appears to have been the result of a preventable accident. Unfortunately, one family is left with many unanswered questions. Three family members were killed and one injured in a recent fatal car accident in New Jersey.

The accident happened on a Sunday afternoon on a day in July. According to reports, a 19-year-old woman was driving a vehicle that was struck by a tanker truck in an intersection. The car and the truck reportedly skidded off the road. The truck's cab pinned the car to the ground, trapping the car's occupants.

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