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New Jersey RICO Attorneys Ready To Defend Against Federal Charges

Any criminal charge can hurt your life. However, a RICO charge is a complex issue with extreme consequences. Meant to deter organized criminal activities, RICO charges can also be brought against New Jersey businesses and individuals.

At Bastarrika, Soto, Gonzalez & Somohano, L.L.P., our RICO attorneys will work fiercely to analyze a legal issue and defend clients from RICO charges. We understand the complexity of federal offenses and the severity of potential convictions and have successfully defended clients in Woodland Park and throughout Hudson, Morris and Essex counties since 2000.

Understanding The Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a federal law violation targeting criminal activities related to acts of organized crime, specifically focusing on racketeering. Racketeering is not just one crime but an umbrella term that covers a wide range of crimes, including:

  • Murder
  • Arson
  • Gambling
  • Bribery
  • Robbery
  • Drug trafficking
  • Wire Fraud
  • Obstruction of justice
  • Money laundering
  • Illegal immigration
  • Extortion
  • Conspiracy

A defendant convicted of racketeering may face enhanced criminal punishments under RICO, including fines of $250,000 or more and 20 years in prison.

Defending Against Racketeering Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers must understand the kind of racketeering accusation a client faces and the circumstances that led to it. We can examine a racketeering accusation, analyze the evidence brought against a client and strategize an impregnable defense that argues for reduced penalties.

Our mission is to protect your legal rights, which can only be done by consulting with one of our lawyers. You can bet that the government is already working hard on your case to secure a conviction, so you need representation even if formal charges have yet to be filed.

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Our attorneys at Bastarrika, Soto, Gonzalez & Somohano, L.L.P., will aggressively protect your legal rights and present you with the best defense possible against RICO charges. To learn more, reach out to our criminal defense attorneys by calling 973-370-0997 or emailing us today. We provide free consultation on all criminal matters.