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Applying For A Visa In The United States

Your dreams matter to us. We are a small law firm that has extensive experience in immigration law. Our size means we will offer you personal representation throughout the immigrant or non-immigrant visa process. We work closely with our clients and develop lasting relationships built on trust. Our experience means that no detail will be left out as we help you prepare your visa application or fight a denial.

How To Apply For Adjustment Of Status In The United States

People can apply for visas at a consular office in their country of origin. If you are already in the United States, then you must apply for legal permanent residence with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This process applies to refugees, foreign students, undocumented immigrants and temporary workers.

Immigrant visa applications usually involve sponsorship by your immediate family member already living here or a U.S. employer. Multiple federal agencies will review your application. An approved family-sponsored visa should not have an expiration date, but an employment visa could have a time limit.

What Is A Nonimmigrant Visa?

A nonimmigrant visa is available to someone who does not intend to stay in the United States. There currently are 19 categories of nonimmigrant visas. If you are a student, an investor, a businessperson, an entertainer, a tourist or part of a cultural exchange program, then you could qualify for one of these authorizations to come to the U.S. temporarily.

Why Do Denials Happen?

Your criminal history could prevent approval, but even individuals with clear records can face denial after waiting in line for so long. One common reason a visa application might be denied is due to lack of information. You must fill out your visa application carefully and take all necessary steps during the application process. The process varies depending on the embassy or consulate, so it is a good idea to seek the help of an experienced lawyer.

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