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Experienced Family Law Attorney Helping You Navigating Family Transitions

Family law is one of the most emotionally draining and potentially expensive legal areas. At Bastarrika, Soto, Gonzalez & Somohano, L.L.P., our clients come to us stressed, confused and full of despair. Whether a client is going through a divorce, facing related issues like child custody negotiations or working through financial issues, family law matters can be stressful and disorienting. By forming a strong, trusting bond with our clients, we are able to relieve some of this emotional pressure by creating a plan that serves their best interests.

Guiding You Through A Difficult Time

We are committed to helping our clients understand the complexities they are facing by offering straightforward legal advice and the information they need to make educated choices about their cases. Our family law attorneys work together to help individuals in Woodland Park and surrounding communities with the following issues:

  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Child custody and parenting-time applications
  • Child support applications
  • Property division
  • Alimony
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Modifications
  • Enforcement
  • Adoptions
  • Annulments
  • Prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
  • Same-sex divorce, domestic partnerships and civil unions
  • Relocation

Our firm also helps establish guardianship for children whose parents are unable to provide care or make decisions on their behalf. Guardianship may be necessary in cases where both parents have passed, if parents have substance abuse problems or if they are otherwise unavailable.

What Should You Look For When Searching For A Family Law Attorney Near You?

When searching for a family law attorney near you, it is important to do extensive research and understand what you need. The right family law attorney can make all the difference in your legal journey. Research is important, so check websites, look at online reviews, and ask for recommendations.

One of the first questions you should be asking yourself is, “What help do you need from a family law attorney?” Family law is a complex practice that encompasses various issues, including child custody, alimony, asset division and domestic violence as just a few examples. At Bastarrika, Soto, Gonzalez & Somohano, L.L.P., we can help you with all of these issues and more when you bring us your case. We can discuss the details of your case and strategize a plan of action so your needs are met.

You should seek a lawyer with a strong background in practicing family law. The more your attorney knows about family law, the more you will benefit from your case. Our family law lawyers have an extensive track record in handling all manner of family law cases.

We are familiar with local laws, court procedures and judges, which can help us navigate the legal landscape and strategize your case more efficiently. You will also want a family law attorney who is timely. Some decisions must be made in a short timeframe. We will act fast to help ensure due dates are met promptly.

Practicing family law is not just about understanding how to win a case but also about understanding a client’s goals. Communication is an essential characteristic of a family law attorney. At our firm, we listen to you. You can expect to learn complex legal terms and processes, and you will feel comfortable in our presence. We go through extensive lengths to understand exactly what you hope to gain from your family law case, and we dedicate our time to achieving your goals.

Attentive, Responsive Legal Help

We understand that no two families are the same, and we are dedicated to giving our clients the personalized, compassionate attention they need during this challenging process. In many cases, our clients come to us not only because they are facing a family law issue but also because they face an immigration or bankruptcy matter, which can often be connected to a divorce. We are prepared to help you no matter how high the stakes may seem.

Protecting Your Rights Through A Stressful Challenge

To learn more about how our New Jersey lawyers can help you work through the complexities associated with family law serving Passaic County and Bergen County, call 973-370-0997 or email us.