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How employers should respond to personal injury in the workplace

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Many employers take steps to prevent workplace injuries, but even with these safety measures in place, accidents can still happen. An employer’s response to a personal injury while on the job can make a big difference, both to the injured person’s health and any legal consequences that may follow. Here are some tips for New Jersey employers when dealing with an employee who gets hurt on the job.

There are several types of injuries that may take place in the workplace. Some of the most common are slips and trips, vehicle accidents and machine entanglement. Depending on the circumstances around these incidents, an employer may be sued for inadequate safety measures. Legal action can also be taken if the employer fails to respond properly to the incident.

The first thing employers must do when an employee is injured on the job is to ensure that person receives proper medical attention. This should be the first priority at all times. Once medical attention has been given to the injured party, the employer should document the incident and speak with both insurers and legal aid as soon as possible.

It is normal and sometimes necessary for legal action to be taken against an employer in the case of personal injury. It is critical that employers cooperate with a worker’s compensation investigation should one take place, and they need to provide records and other key documents as requested. Workers who have suffered from a personal injury in the workplace are also advised to contact a lawyer to clarify their rights and obligations under New Jersey law.