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Pursuing compensation when injured by another party’s negligence

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Motor vehicle accidents happen all the time in New Jersey and throughout the country. In fact, these accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths in America. Even though technology and safety standards have progressed steadily over the decades, all of the extra safety features in the world sometimes won’t save people from another party’s negligence.

Although these incidents are referred to as “accidents,” they are seldom truly no-fault incidents. In most cases, someone is responsible for motor vehicle accidents occurring. And, these days, there is no shortage of causes for car accidents.

For example, our readers in New Jersey have probably noticed that the nationwide plague of distracted driving is catching a lot of news coverage these days, and with good reason. The ever-present cellphone is hard for people to put down, even when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, there are other dangers on the road as well, including drunk drivers and drowsy drivers, among other potential dangers that may lead to devastating car accidents.

When a motor vehicle accident occurs due to another party’s negligent or reckless conduct, injured New Jersey residents may have legal options to consider. Pursuing a personal injury claim may result in an award of financial compensation that can cover many costs, such as medical expenses. At our law firm, we work with injured victims who want to try to take action to hold negligent parties accountable. For more information, please visit the personal injury overview section of our law firm’s website.