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Overcoming the challenges created by conflictive ex-spouses

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Family Law |

Estranged New Jersey couples know that divorces tend to bring tension and stress to the lives of everyone involved. Some couples can amicably resolve their differences as they end their marriages. Other couples, however, end up involved in a contentious divorce that might last years in litigation and one of the parties feels constantly attacked by the other.

The dangers of contentious divorces

Contentious divorces can be emotionally and physically draining as well as expensive and lengthy. The other party might consistently block all progress and attempt to return to court for every little aspect discussed. Many times, it might feel as if the dissolution of the marriage will never happen. Even more dangerous, in situations where there had been domestic violence, the attached spouse might even fear for their safety.

Protecting your interests in a contentious divorce

If you find yourself in this situation, there are several things you can do to protect your interests. These include:

  • Getting trustees to handle the division of property to avoid your ex-spouse from forcing an unfair distribution
  • Getting a judge appointed to your divorce, who will follow the case from beginning to end and have power to intervene when your ex-spouse fails to comply with court orders
  • Creating a divorce settlement and custody agreement with specific language so that nothing is left up to interpretation
  • Seeking a protective order if the ex-spouse has been violent in the past or is making violent threats during the process
  • Having a strong support community to help you through the contentious breakup

During a contentious divorce, a lawyer with family law experience might be part of your support system as you maneuver all the surprises your estranged spouse might throw your way. A lawyer might provide advice on the legal steps necessary in the process as well as guidance for the choices you will need to make to keep yourself safe.