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Children and age-related stress of divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2021 | Family Law |

There are many similarities and some differences between the divorce laws and procedures of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, in both locations, the fact is that children with divorcing or divorced parents experience age-related stress in a variety of different forms. Pre-school age children, grade-school children, and teenagers all manifest divorce stress in ways that are rather unique to their particular age categories.

Divorce stress and pre-school children

Pre-school children will face divorce stress in part because they really cannot fully understand what is going on between their parents and with their families. The stress of shuttling between houses as a consequence of a custody and parenting time schedule also raises the stress level for young children. Young children may also conclude that if their parents have stopped loving one another, the day will come when their parents will stop loving them too.

Divorce stress and grade-school children

An overarching cause for divorce stress among many school-age children stems from a sense of blame. School-age children with divorcing or divorced parents who are working out child custody agreements often conclude that they somehow are the cause of their parents’ marriages ending.

Divorce stress and teenagers

When it comes to divorce stress among teenagers, anger is a common feature. Teenagers may find themselves angry at their parents for the upheaval that a divorce has caused in their own lives. Some teens will blame one parent for being the cause of the divorce and of the turmoil that the change has caused in their lives.

Lessening the level of stress experienced by children of any age requires open communication between parents and children. A reduction of stress also necessitates divorcing or divorced parents to lower acrimony between themselves as much as humanly possible. An attorney may be able to help all parties navigate the difficulties surrounding a divorce.