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The divorce trend affecting millennials

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Family Law |

Millennial couples in New Jersey don’t expect to get a divorce some years after they marry their partners, but divorce trends still affect this generation. Millennials, sometimes known as Generation Y, are people born from 1981 to around 1994. There are approximately 72 million of them in America.

According to relationship experts, this generation has a specific divorce trend that ends many marriages. The culture encourages having a live-in partner who is not likely to commit to marriage or a life that they can share.

Reasons why the trend leads to divorce

People in a relationship who decide to live together are likely to start acting like they are married. Consequently, when the relationship ends, they end up going through what is popularly known as millennial divorce, which loosely translates to the breakup of cohabiting partners.

Statistics in the U.S. reveal that millennial couples who are just cohabiting are increasing compared to officially married partners. More people appear to be avoiding marriage and going for a temporary relationship that solves their immediate emotional needs. Relationships thrive on long-term happiness and comfort, so it’s important to have clear objectives before the beginning of a connection that leads to marriage.

How millennials can avoid divorce

Generation Y couples should always have open communication in their relationships. They should never be afraid to ask their partners what they expect from the union and whether they would want to get married in the future.

Every person in a relationship needs to find out the future objectives and goals of their partner, including education, housing, finances and basic lifestyle choices. If a person wants to get married, they shouldn’t move in with a person who does not foresee this in their future.

Issues such as kids should be at the forefront of serious conversations before making the decision to cohabit. If a couple decides that they want to get married, it may be helpful to approach a professional lawyer for advice about prenup agreements and other legal matters that might crop up.