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How to handle a car accident in your driveway

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Personal Injury |

If you were involved in a car accident in your driveway in New Jersey, you may or may not have been the one at fault. If you weren’t, there is no reason why you should bear the blame. Your best bet in a situation like this is to contact your insurance company. You can file a claim and decide if you need any kind of legal representation.

What happens when you are involved in a crash?

If you were not the one at fault, you may be able to file a personal injury claim. This is all the more crucial if you were injured during the accident. If someone was pulling out of the driveway without paying attention, they are the one who caused the crash. You shouldn’t have to be declared at fault.

If the collision was your fault, you will still need to exchange info with the owner of the other vehicle. You then need to contact your insurance company and inform them of the accident. They will reach a decision as to the amount of money they pay out to the other driver.

What can you do after the collision?

It’s a very good idea to seek medical attention after a car accident, even if it was minor or occurred at slow speeds in a driveway. You need to be sure that you are not more injured than you realize. Getting any injuries fully documented will also help you when you file a claim with your insurance company.

The amount of money that you may owe if you were at fault will depend on the circumstances. If you were not the one at fault, the main thing is to gather as much evidence as you can to make your case as strong as possible.