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Can New Jersey lawmakers amend bail reform laws?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

The surge in crime is causing more calls to keep criminals off the street in Woodland Park, New Jersey. The creation of bail reform laws is to help poor low-level offenders with the bail process. Lawmakers, law enforcement leaders and public officials see a loophole for possible violent criminals to get out of jail.

The original bail reform law

The critics of the bill don’t want to end bail reform but amend it. Community leaders are asking the New Jersey state legislature to amend bail reform. They see that the original law had unintended consequences. Courts can release gun possession suspects from jail after bail hearings. Gun possession suspects are in jail to prevent shooting with illegal weapons. The bail reform law doesn’t get into specifics of who’s eligible. Judges can’t stop gun possession suspects from applying for a bail hearing.

Reforming bail reform

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are ready to amend the law. A Democrat said they’re willing to do anything to get illegal weapons off the street. A Republican said knowing criminals get detention is a major change to how New Jersey handles the bail process. Lawmakers think illegal guns is a US issue as much as a New Jersey issue. New Jersey leaders are joining with the mayor of New York City to get bail reform in the spotlight. Other states should consider changes to fight the increase in violent gun crimes.

Officials don’t want to dismantle the bail reform law. Lawmakers are looking to amend the bill to make cities safer for their citizens. Bail reform shouldn’t force people to stay in jail for financial reasons. Most suspects should have a pathway to get home with the bail process. Violent crime suspects should have a way to stay in jail. Releasing dangerous suspects hurts communities.