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Staffing issues can impact medical treatment

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Personal Injury |

There are multiple reasons that mistakes are made in the medical industry. Physicians in New Jersey are generally very professional in their approach and duties while on the job, and even though they can make mistakes, they tend to function well when they are well rested while on the job. The same is true for nurses and other medical professionals such as lab techs and x-ray technicians. However, when facility manpower is stretched to the limit, problems can arise that ultimately are rooted in the fact that the treatment facility is short-staffed and those who are available work long and constant shifts.

Breakdown in communication

One of the first issues that can cause a personal injury to a patient is misunderstood information that could lead to an inaccurate treatment application. Even something as seemingly simple as administering medication could lead to a problem and eventual injury to an affected patient when proper information is not transferred or communicated.

Lack of mental focus

The primary reason that many mistakes are made in hospitals and treatment facilities is a lack of mental sharpness among those who have worked long shifts and overtime schedules. And, the situation has worsened over the past two years with so many medical professionals leaving the system for alternate work opportunities. This situation especially applies in the nursing craft. Up to one-third of doctors in New Jersey have reported medical errors caused by staff shortages, many of which have led to medical malpractice claims.

To make matters worse, current trends indicate that this problem will continue with time if hospitals do not use some creative thinking. Some facilities have even incorporated the use of traveling nurse teams that are transported in from other states where staffing concerns are not an issue to be used in specific staffing shortage situations.