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Why some marriages end in divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Family Law |

Married couples file for divorce for varying reasons in New Jersey. Certain factors contribute to a dissolution more than others, and spouses could look at data that reveals the more common causes. Understanding the causes and underlying factors might prepare spouses for their divorce proceedings.

Reasons cited for divorces

Those who drift apart in the marriage may amicably dissolve the union for irreconcilable differences. Only some marriages end without conflict; a Forbes Advisor survey reveals how underlying conflict may ruin a marriage. Some might find it surprising that career choices could lead to significant problems in a marriage. Persons who spend more time away from their spouse because of their job or carry job stress into the home might find their marriage suffers from enormous strain.

Conflicts over parenting choices may also lead spouses to file for divorce. Parents unable to agree on their child’s education, health care, and other matters might argue frequently. Issues surrounding abusive behavior may require a court’s intervention. Divorce proceedings will often involve negotiations over child custody and support.

Other reasons for divorce

Scores of other reasons may result in spouses seeking a marriage dissolution. Even couples that have been married for several years might file for divorce in New Jersey Family Court. Serious issues, such as abuse and adultery, could prompt the filings. Other reasons may involve troubles in the marriage because of interactions with friends and family. Disagreements over managing a household could also cause problems.

Also driving troubles in numerous marriages are financial woes and disagreements. The marriage may fall apart when two spouses cannot agree on their monetary situation. Regardless of the reason for the marriage’s problems, divorce could become inevitable if the two spouses remain in conflict.