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The different types of car crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Injuries |

Vehicle collisions often occur without warning in New Jersey. Drivers may prefer to avoid problematic routes or rush hour traffic, but there’s no guarantee that an accident won’t happen. Unfortunately, an accident can happen in many different ways under various circumstances. Accident victims literally could be hit from any angle. The severity of the impact might contribute to severe injuries.

Variations in automobile collisions

The various descriptions of automobile accidents focus on the point of impact. A frontal collision and a rear collision will delineate the most obvious accidents: a head-on or a rear-end crash. Drivers may fear a head-on collision more because of the risks of fatalities, but rear-end collisions could be just as deadly.

Other accidents could be side collisions, sideswipes and rotational crashes. A rotational crash is essentially when the vehicle spins after being hit at a corner. The spinning could lead to the vehicle crashing into another car. Rollover accidents are also possible, involving the vehicle flipping on its side or completely turning over. A turned-over vehicle presents a hazardous situation for those trapped inside.

Liabilities and vehicle accidents

When someone suffers harm in a car accident, the person may seek compensation through legal means when negligence leads to the accident. If drivers are not paying attention when approaching a stop sign, they could be liable for rear-end motor vehicle accidents because of distracted driving. Someone who crosses a double line to make an illegal might face civil claims if they sideswipe another car. A driver who hits a turn too fast and rolls over may also be liable for injuries to others.

The vast majority of car crashes are caused by human error. Accordingly, an injured victim can seek compensation from the responsible party when the collision was the result of negligence.