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What does a naturalization interview require from immigrants?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2024 | Immigration |

Many immigrants feel satisfied with securing a visa or a green card. They simply want permission to legally reside in the United States. A green card or visa is useful, but citizenship offers even more security.

The benefits of citizenship may not seem important to some immigrants, especially if they needed to leave an unstable situation in their country of origin. Of course, there are many perks that come from naturalization. Becoming a United States citizen offers a host of different benefits. People can vote or run for political office. They also have more opportunities to help their loved ones enter the United States legally.

The naturalization process intimidates many people, especially because of the mandatory interview. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has a sit-down interview with those hoping to become naturalized citizens. What does that interview process typically entail?

Immigrants must clarify application details

One of the most important functions of the naturalization interview is to validate someone’s eligibility for citizenship. If there are any questions about someone’s history or their reasoning behind wanting to become a citizen, the interview can answer those questions.

Immigrants must pass two tests

In addition to answering personal questions, immigrants hoping to naturalize must also pass two tests administered by USCIS professionals. There is a test on the English language that involves reading, writing, speaking and demonstrating listening comprehension in English. There is also a Civics test that looks at someone’s understanding of United States government and history. In theory, immigrants who prepare using study materials provided by the USCIS can increase their chances of passing.

The USCIS provides a list of all the potential questions on the Civics test and also a vocabulary study guide to help people learn words that they may need to know during the interview. In some cases, older immigrants who have been in the country for years and those with disabling medical conditions may qualify for accommodations or testing exemptions.

Passing the naturalization test is one of the final steps before someone becomes a citizen of the United States. Immigrants who understand the naturalization interview and testing process may feel less intimidated by the process of becoming a citizen.